About Us

We are committed to inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders in our region and community!

Our Mission

The Regional Science Center is concentrated on STEM education, exhibits, and programming designed to promote early engagement, academic success, and persistence in STEM education and careers in order to incubate a talented and diverse STEM workforce. We connect people with science through interactive exhibits and programs that provide a firsthand experience and opportunity to experience wonder and intuition about the world; thereby, inspiring curiosity and a motivation to learn about the STEM disciplines.

Our vision

In order to foster a scientifically literate community, the regional science center will:

  • Be the region's leading family-centered destination for STEM fun and learning.
  • Serve as the trusted voice of science for the general public.
  • Serve as a town square for community dialogue on science and its societal implications.
  • Showcase regional science and technology advances.
  • Achieve national and international recognition in exhibits and programs.
  • Excite and inspire children of all ages to explore careers in STEM.
  • Attract and engage an audience that reflects the diversity of the regional community.
  • Collaborate with business and community partners..

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